Of MOPs and Men: Learning How to Create a Winning Reality Show Pitch


I have the perfect ideal for a Television show!

How many times have we all uttered this phrase? 50 times, 100 times, 200 times! Its a well used expression, by professional and novice alike. Everyone it seems, thinks they have a hit Television show in them.

Joke and Biagio Messina of Joke Productions in Los Angeles have produced several hit Reality Television Shows in the last decade (Scream Queens, Beauty and The Geek) and currently produce the IFC hit show Commercial Kings along with the upcoming hit MTV Reality Doc Caged. So it was a real treat to hear from Inda Blatch-Geib at IBG Productions that she was bringing the Reality Show vets into town for a Pitch Workshop.

“I thought it was going to be – spend your money and I’ll tell you how your ideal stinks! But they told us about the business and how to win at Pitching! I felt like they were really interested in me bringing a winning pitch to a Network Executive!”

— Gina Brinker, Indie Filmmaker

Geared to find Producers to partner with in the Midwest, the 2 Day Workshop (with another 2 Day workshop in November) was no-holds-barred from the start.  Joke and Biagio spent the first day elevating the audiences understanding of everything from the Producing structure (including pay rates!) to a detailed breakdown of EACH Networks (from Cable and Broadcast) wants and needs. The two filmmakers left no stone unturned as they gave the attendees the correct terminology to phrase their pitch (sorry can’t tell), and went thru several sample pitches, helping the attendees understand why they were pitched for one Network and not another.

Day Two brought the focus to the art of Pitching itself, with Joke driving the attendees thru several of the the duo’s winning and not so winning Pitch’s. Each pitch was broken down as Biagio helped the audience understand the art of making the perfect video pitch and how to craft an effective leave behind. The two talked about adding small elements to drive home message and rules to live by in making the pitch count. In the end, the attendees were tasked to take their ideals and develop them over the course of the next month, checking them against the new knowledge they had been empowered with and come back in November with ready-to-view pitches. The two host promised any pitches ready for a Network Executive pitch would get that opportunity.

The Attendees also recorded their own testimonials, have a look.


The second round of The Pitch Workshop will occur on November 5 & 6 at The University of Akron. New attendees are welcome. Contact Inda Blatch-Geib at indabg@neo.rr.com for registration details.

Have the perfect ideal for a Television show? Great we’ll see you there.

Ohh yeah, what is a MOP? Ask me at the workshop.


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